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On the walls of the McMichael this spring, you’ll find three exhibitions that engage deeply with Canada’s ever-changing landscape—from the dazzling oil sketches of Algonquin Park after the logging industry departed by Tom Thomson to Sandra Meigs’ electrifying paintings of Ontario’s forests to a group show of artists who are tackling the climate crisis head on. As stewards of a remarkably biodiverse section of the Humber River Valley, we too have to engage with the effects of climate change. We take our environmental commitments seriously and are dedicated to conserving this landscape and minimizing our impact on it for future generations.

We believe in the McMichael as an incredibly dynamic place where people can come together, to see Canada—and themselves as Canadians—reflected in the mirror of art.

With every inspiring encounter I have with an educator, artist, parent or visitor to our museum, I am reminded of the impact that our creative learning and public programs make in our community. We are dedicated to finding new ways to serve our local, national and international community through the transformative power of art. I look forward to continuing to update you on our shared progress.

Thank you for your support,

Ian A.C. Dejardin, Executive Director
McMichael Canadian Art Collection

We are privileged to once again be part of what has become one of the great treasures of Canadian art. The McMichael has always provided a welcoming environment and now it has brought together the vision and the intellect and the wonderful people who can ensure that it will continue to celebrate the great and diverse artists who tell the stories of all Canadians.

Martin and Joan Goldfarb
Co-Chairs, Moonlight Gala 2023

Photograph by: Onnig Cavoukian (Cavouk) 

It is once again our great honour to co-chair the McMichael Moonlight Gala. The McMichael Canadian Art Collection holds a special place in both of our hearts. Here we seek respite from our busy lives, are refreshed by the natural surroundings, and are inspired by the art—in both the permanent collection and every special exhibition we see. This evening is a celebration of all that the McMichael is, and we are delighted that you have joined us. Our sincere thanks to Hatch for their outstanding support as Presenting Sponsor, to our Honorary Co-Chairs, Joan and Martin Goldfarb, and to our Honorary Patron, Hon. Steven Del Duca, Mayor of the City of Vaughan. Profound gratitude goes to the 2023 Moonlight Gala Committee, the McMichael Board of Trustees and the McMichael Canadian Art Foundation Board of Directors, McMichael staff and volunteers, and most of all to the McMichael’s community of sponsors, donors and members. Thank you for your ongoing support as we look forward to a bright year ahead and a strong future at the McMichael.

Debra Fenwick and Laura Mirabella
Co-Chairs, Moonlight Gala 2023

Debra Fenwick, Co-Chair

Laura Mirabella, Co-Chair

Elvira Caria

Nella Contardi

Robert Dunigan

Joyce Frustaglio

Phillip Gevik

Corban Hu

Matthew Liberatore

Jacoline Loewen

Sonia Moniz

Fiona O’Brien

Glenn Sakaki

Mandy Siu

Mike Soragnese

Shirley Zerfas

Andy Pringle, Chair

Norma Kraay, Vice-Chair

George Dark

Rosanna DeFrancesca

Drew Fagan

Debra Fenwick

Maral Hasserjian

Tim Johnson

Rand Lomas

Karen McCleave

Michelle Meneley

Leslie Whicher

Gillian Whitebread

Sabrina Zuniga


Ian A.C. Dejardin, Executive Director


Zamina Walji


Alicia Morano, Volunteer Committee President

Andrew W. Dunn, Chair

Mark Bursey, Vice Chair

Chris Bredt, Treasurer

Laura Barclay

Andrea Boyd

Robert Dunigan

Bonnie Rosenberg

Paul Manias

Michèle D. McCarthy

Nathalie Mercure

Laura Mirabella

Fiona O’Brien

Patrick Pelliccione

Melanie Russell

Carl Spiess

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